Municipal Waste Collection

We are collecting municipal waste collection door by door from many different areas of Cyprus.

Recycle Collection (PMD, Paper)

We collect municipal recycling materials door by door and Industrial recycling materials from specific spots.

Dustbin Wash, Sell & Maintenance

With our special truck, we can wash many bin sizes with temperatures up to 120 degrees and special medicines. You can buy from us bin sizes from 120 liters up to 1100 liters or call us to maintain your current bin.

Floor Deep Cleaning

We can provide a super deep floor cleaning with a pressure of 300 bars and 120 degrees of hot water.

Compactors Sell & Hire

Our company can hire and sell compactors 3,5 tonnes and 4 tonnes capacity.

Refuse Trucks Sell & Hire

We can sell and hire used refuse trucks, from 8 m3 capacity up to 22 m3.